4 Functions of Product Packaging Pt.3: Promotion

Product packaging serves many important functions, including containment and protection.. Another important function of packaging is promotion.

What is promotion?

Promotion is the process of communicating the benefits of a product to potential customers. This can be done through various modalities such as: advertising, public relations, sales promotion, and packaging. 

How does packaging promote products?

Product packaging can promote products in a number of ways. Here are a few examples:

  • Branding – Packaging can help to create a strong brand identity for a product. This can be done through the use of a distinctive logo, color scheme, and typography.
  • Information –  Packaging can provide consumers with important information about a product, such as its ingredients, nutritional content, and instructions for use.
  • Image – Packaging can create a certain image or perception of a product. For example, luxury brands often use high-quality packaging to create an image of exclusivity.
  • Convenience – Packaging can make it easier for consumers to purchase and use a product. For example, easy-to-open packaging can make it quicker and easier for consumers to get to the product inside.
  • Aesthetics –  Packaging can be designed to be visually appealing to consumers. This can help to attract attention and encourage impulse purchases.

The importance of promotion on product packaging

Promotion is an essential part of product packaging. By effectively promoting a product, packaging can help to increase sales, build brand awareness, and create a positive image for the product.


The promotion function of product packaging is an essential part of the marketing mix. By effectively promoting products through packaging, businesses can increase sales, build brand awareness, and create a positive image for their products.

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