Be a Packaging Steward with Adam Peek

In the world of business and sustainability, packaging plays a crucial role in bridging the gap between scarcity and abundance. In a recent episode of the “Product & Packaging Powerhouse” podcast, host Megan Young Gamble engages in an insightful conversation with packaging industry expert Adam Peek. Together, they explore the significance of sustainable packaging, the power of intentional branding, and the importance of creating solutions that benefit all stakeholders.


Understanding the True Impact of Packaging:

Adam Peek begins by urging us to recognize that packaging encompasses more than just Amazon boxes. It encompasses everything from void fill to branding initiatives. Packaging serves not only as a means of protection but also as a powerful tool for creating value and establishing a brand’s identity.

Transitioning Towards Sustainability:

Peek emphasizes the increasing interest from businesses in incorporating sustainable packaging. The debate between plastic and paper packaging is at the forefront, with indie brands actively seeking alternatives to plastic. However, Peek reminds us that sustainability goes beyond materials. It requires understanding the quantities needed to support the brand and the financial implications of transitioning to sustainable packaging.

Aligning Packaging with Brand Image:

Peek advises brands to consider whether their chosen packaging material aligns with their image and resonates with the end consumer’s preferences. Packaging should not only protect the product but also represent the brand’s values and sustainability goals. Peek references a book on packaging and a TED Talk that shed further light on sustainable packaging practices and consumer preferences.

Challenges in Sustainable Packaging:

While the speaker applauds the growing interest in sustainable packaging, they caution against falling for deceptive claims. Some products labeled as sustainable may not actually meet sustainable standards. Peek also sheds light on the impact of poor cold chain technology in India, resulting in over $2 billion worth of food waste lost in the supply chain. It emphasizes the role packaging plays in reducing carbon emissions and protecting products.

The conversation between Megan Young Gamble and Adam Peek on the “Product & Packaging Powerhouse” podcast enlightens listeners about the transformative power of packaging. From embracing sustainable practices to aligning packaging with brand image and values, Peek emphasizes the importance of intentional decisions that benefit all stakeholders. As the world moves towards a more sustainable future, the packaging industry plays a vital role in ensuring that products are protected, brands are represented, and how we can become Packaging Stewards of the Earth.

Adam Peek, infamously known as “Packaging Pastor” is passionate about all things packaging. He is the SVP @ Meyers Printing, Host of People of Packaging Podcast, TedX Speaker, Author, and more!