From Detour to Destination: Unveiling the Journey of a Packaging Powerhouse-Megan Young Gamble, PMP®

This is a personal journey from me (Megan) on the twist and turns that ultimately led me into the beauty & packaging industry. On the rollercoaster ride I experienced, I share my own Detour to Destination” journey.

Starting my collegiate career studying Chemistry, I just knew I was going to Pharmacy School and become the first Doctor in my family. However, while working as a Pharmacy Tech at Rite-Aid (previously known as Eckerd…for my wise professionals 🙂 ) there was a significant event that turned the tables from me continuing my Pharmacy career path. When an elderly black gentleman came in after an extensive procedure to pickup his medication refill, and I had to express to this gentleman he owed a four-figure dollar amount. On top of experiencing the 2008-2009 recession with Rite Aid Stores closing, including the location I worked at. It was divine intervention and turning point for my career.

I want to share my full story with you and how GLC started with helping aspiring project managers prepare for the PMP® & CAPM® exams, to pivoting into the beauty & packaging industry.

Bulk up and get ready for the ride of my personal Detour to Destination Journey

Now for some Motivation….

When it seems like you’re on for the ride and the route is taking too long…ride it out!

If you considered giving up and allowing imposter syndrome to creep in….keep pushing!

I hope by exploring my detours, triumphs, setbacks and experiences that molded me into a packaging specialist, project manager and business owner. This is a testament to the resilience, adaptability, and determination required to thrive in the product and packaging industry!

Megan Young Gamble, PMP® is a forward-thinking packaging and project management veteran with more than 10 years’ of experience transforming mere ideas into consumer product goods for today’s leading beauty, wellness, and personal care brands. Known amongst colleagues and clients for her perseverance and “see it through” mentality, Megan The Project ExecutionHER®  is the owner and principal consultant of Get Level Consulting, referred to as GLC, where she interprets your company’s pain points into custom solutions to execute your project from beginning to end.