Unveiling the Secrets of Attitude vs. Behavior in Consumer Marketing with Sandra Pitropia


In today’s rapidly evolving market, understanding consumer behavior and attitudes is vital for businesses aiming to create compelling marketing campaigns. In a recent episode of the “Product & Packaging Powerhouse” podcast, host Megan Young Gamble and guest Sandra Pitropia delve into the importance of marketing for compelling campaigns and balancing entrepreneurship. In this article, we will explore the key takeaways from their conversation and shed light on the significance of the attitude vs. behavior approach in consumer marketing.

1. Balanced Perception of Sustainability:

One of the crucial discussions in the episode touched upon the balance between consumer understanding of sustainability and what companies claim to be sustainable. Pitropia emphasized that being fast and sustainable is a challenge faced by many organizations. Consumers often struggle to fully comprehend the true meaning of sustainability when companies market themselves as sustainable. This highlights the need to break down the concept of sustainability and educate both brands and consumers about its true importance.

2. Evolution of Diversity and Representation in the Beauty Industry:

The episode also explored the evolution of diversity and representation in the hair care industry, particularly for black, brown, and curly hair individuals. While acknowledging the progress made by brands, Pitropia points out the importance of authentic diversity and representation. They express frustration with campaigns that lack relevance and authenticity, emphasizing the need for deeper conversations in the industry to propel changes further.

3. Speed to Market and Consumer Insights:

The conversation shifted towards the challenges faced by larger corporations in obtaining consumer insights and responding quickly to market demands. Smaller brands leverage direct consumer data through social media, while larger corporations rely on retailers for sales data. The importance of capturing insights and acting upon them in a timely manner to stay competitive becomes evident in an industry constantly shaped by changing consumer preferences.

4. The Dilemma of Sustainability and Consumerism:

Sustainability extends beyond products and packaging; it encompasses consumerism and the responsibility of both businesses and consumers. The episode emphasizes the need for deeper conversations in the beauty industry to address consumerism and the impact it has on sustainability. By understanding and addressing consumer behaviors in consumption, brands can make a significant impact on overall sustainability efforts.

5. The Challenge of International Expansion:

Expanding into international markets presents its own set of challenges for beauty brands. Pitropia advises emerging brands to focus on dominating the US market before venturing into Europe, as different regulations, guidelines, imports, messaging, tone of voice, and ingredient requirements require careful consideration. Understanding international regulations is crucial to navigate successfully in the global market.


In the episode “Sandra Pitropia: Importance of Marketing for Compelling Campaigns and Balancing Entrepreneurship,” the crucial role of marketing in creating compelling campaigns and achieving sustainable and diverse representation in the beauty industry is explored. The attitude vs. behavior approach proves to be an essential tool for marketers to bridge the gap between consumer attitudes and actions. The insights gained from this episode shed light on the challenges faced by companies and the importance of staying agile, understanding consumer behavior, and addressing sustainable practices. As the beauty industry continues to evolve, embracing these insights will undoubtedly fuel impactful marketing strategies and pave the way for a more inclusive and sustainable future.

Sandra Pitroipa, a French Burkinabe woman holds a Masters degree in cosmetic science and marketing. She had worked in beauty her whole career, focusing on ingredients and raw materials, brand building and international brand development. Sandra has worked alongside countless experts from her native roots to current residence in New York.  She is also the Founder of My Curl iD, an online store for high-quality curly hair products. Lastly, she is passionate about increasing representation of Black women in the beauty industry.